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Hiroshima Sanfrecce vs Kashima Antlers Betting Tips 25/06/2019

Hiroshima Sanfrecce vs Kashima Antlers

Match Analysis

In the second leg 1/16 of the AFC league, Hiroshima’s turn to Sanfrecce returned to his own field to fight Kashima Antlers, in the first leg of the two teams, Kashima Antlers won home with a score of 1-0. Hiroshima’s Sanfrecce performance counted satisfactorily at the start of the season, keeping the 6-match result not losing even picking 4 consecutive wins, but in the continuation the team might focus more on the AFC league, they swallowed 5 new league losses, but after Hiroshima Sanfrecce yesterday 2-0 win over Shonan Bellmare, the condition of his team’s competition seems to be being corrected. While in other camps, Kashima Antlers is now in 4th place with a collection of 27 points, the results are somewhat above the wind compared to the home, this is mainly relying on the superior appearance of his team as the host, after 7 home games played, they picked 6 wins in between. But the results of Kashima Antlers as a guest are rather disappointing, in 10 away games, the team only won 1 and conceded 10 goals.

Handicap Analysis

Kashima Antlers picked up 7 wins in 10 head to head matches and also won 1 goal in the first leg of both teams yesterday, as long as the team drew in this match, they will successfully pick up a ticket, but the bookmaker is now giving away to home, this seems lacking It makes sense, especially the handicap -0 / 0.5 to home has now risen to -0.5, so this match must be alert to pick-up numbers.

Our Prediction: 1

Odds: 1.10

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