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Bermuda vs Nicaragua Betting Tips 25/06/2019

Bermuda vs Nicaragua

Bermuda vs Nicaragua

Bermuda will play host to host Nicaragua in today’s Concacaf Gold Cup league. In the first league, Bermuda lost 1-2 with their opponents Haiti, then they suffered a defeat again scoring 1-2 in the game against Costa Rica, with these poor results, they have been out of the group phase, the morale of their players is rather low . Which must be mentioned the attack line is still strong in these two matches, this match they still have a chance to be invincible.

Nicaragua only occupies the 129th position in the world standings, its strength is not high, its appearance in the Concacaf Gold Cup is also just ordinary. They also swallowed 2 consecutive defeats and were immediately determined not to have the chance to reap passes, the mental players were low. Moreover, they could not even score 1 goal in the match, this shows the line of attack is still far from the host.

Both teams all lost in the first 2 group matches, and almost certainly will be eliminated, but considering the appearance of the Bermuda attack line is still satisfying, so this match is better expected Bermuda at least not lose.

Our Prediction: 1

Odds: 1.55

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