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Uzbekistan vs Saudi Arabia Betting Tips and Odds

Uzbekistan vs Saudi Arabia

Uzbekistan vs Saudi Arabia

The top two group D contestants will meet in the fourth week of qualifying when Uzbekistan hosts Saudi Arabia. The host tries to take advantage of this opportunity to increase the distance at the peak, while continuing the positive trend that has been built. The clash was held on Thursday (11/14) at the Paxtakor Markaziy Stadium.

Uzbekistan had opened their journey with defeat at home to Palestine (2-0). However, they immediately covered up the error with two consecutive wins, each against Singapore (1-3) and Kyrgyzstan. (3-1). This note turned out to surpass other participants so they have the right to be at the top.

Saudi Arabia itself is second with a win over Singapore (3-0), and a draw against Yemen (2-2) and Palestine (0-0). Like the host, they also need points to maintain a position at the top of the threat of Palestine and Singapore, each pocketing 4 points.

The tight competition will certainly make the fight hotter. The host is more confident because he performed at home, especially if the last two roles were won by a landslide victory with a score of 3-0 in July 2007 and 3-1 in January 2015. With a variety of facts that are more favorable, then Uzbekistan is more feasible.

Our Prediction: 1

Odds: 2.00

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