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Egypt vs Kenya Betting Tips and Predictions

Egypt vs Kenya

Egypt vs Kenya

Egypt will act as host in the inaugural week of the Africa Cup group qualifiers. They will meet with Kenya at the Borg El Arab Stadium on Thursday (11/14). The maximum points are targeted to raise children’s morale.

Egypt was only able to penetrate the last 16 of the previous event because it was defeated by South Africa with a score of 0-1. In fact, they successfully completed the group stage with a perfect record, namely against Zimbabwe (1-0), Democrat Rep Congo (2-0), and Uganda (0-2). So, they were expected to be able to go further.

On the one hand, Kenya failed to qualify from the group qualification phase due to losing twice to Algeria (2-0) and Senegal (0-3), the rest winning over Tanzania (3-2). They have indeed been less fortunate because they entered into a difficult group where Algeria and Senegal each came out as champions and winners 4 at the end of the competition.

This time, they had a better chance because the two Group G participants were filled by Comoros and Togo. That is, they have a greater chance of qualification. Therefore, the results of the midweek will have a big impact on the morale of the children, especially if they always lose during two trial matches against Egypt, each 1-0 in early 2009 and mid-2014. a better record in the previous edition.

Our Prediction: 1

Odds: 1.32

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